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On the last Saturday of each month, Chalk Performance Training is hosting an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar!!

Each seminar will start at 11:00am & Chalk's Coach Joe will be leading participants through a barbell warm-up and structured hour long session to help improve your Olympic Weightlifting skills (Clean, Clean & Jerk, and Snatch). 


You can expect to grow in mobility, technique, and power/strength by the end of the year with these seminars.


These seminars will be in correspondence with Chalk Performance Training's "Olympic Weightlifting" program offered through the online app. This will be the perfect partnership between our in-house members who want to spend more intentional time on these lifts, our online members who love following this program at home, and our non-chalk member friends in the who want a consistent community to grow in, each month.

**Saturday, May 21st, 2022 at 11:00am-12:30pm will be our next seminar!**

For this seminar, the first hour will be dedicated to barbell positional drills for break down of the Snatch and Clean + Jerk. The following 30 minutes will be used to establish a foundationally-sound MAX LIFT for the Clean & Jerk. Barbell warm-up will begin promptly at 11:00am. 


Get ready to max out on our Oly lifts to give us a foundational to start with for our next several months! But don't worry, if you are a beginner and your "max out" consists of you holding a barbell for the first time, we will have assistants to help guide you through the basics, you're always welcome!


  • FREE for current in-house Chalk members 
  • $40 per person for non in-house Chalk members

You can reserve your pot now for this fun-filled Saturday!

**FYI: For those participants who are committing to the year, you can also sign-up to reserve your spot in each Saturday session throughout the year. For those of you who pre-order and sign up NOW, you will receive a FREE (?) "Weightlifting" t-shirt designed by Coach Joe. 

Another incredible value alert! Videographer Nick O-Sullivan from Maughan Media will be present at the seminars to shoot and share content to all our participants. Don't leave without your videos.

How is CHalk Different?

We started something really special in 2014. ⁣ ⁣

The energy inside these doors has spreads its fingers ALL OVER THE GLOBE, making us one of the biggest fitness brands in the world today. ⁣

With more innovative programming than anyone in the world... To create programs that not only work... But literally have created tribes, posses, and cults around the world.



Absolutely love the results, variety, and thought behind the workouts. I’ve done CrossFit for 7+ years. At 40, I get injures less and am lifting stronger then prior programs.


Awesome atmosphere & awesome people!


Amazing programming and fantastic group of Coaches....Ryan has built a great community at Chalk Highly recommend this place if you are serious about changing your life and looking great naked!!!!


It’s dope. It’s clean. And the facility/programming is top notch from the owner on down, I highly recommend CrossFit Chalk!


The people were so nice! I felt very welcome made me feel at home ... everyone is there for their own fitness no competing it was an awesome day. I loved it!


Everyone is super nice and welcoming. Everyone goes hard on workouts which can be super intimidating at first, but in the end motivates the crap out of you. The community Vibe is unreal. Everyone genuinely likes each other, we all want the best for one another it doesn't matter what fitness level you're at. Positivity is on point & so is the music & so is the coaching every single time


Head Coach


ryan fischer